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Advanced Online Payments with Superior Technology and Features

IexPay is one of the most advanced online payment platform that meets the needs of all - consumers, banks and the government.
  • For Consumers: Quick and convenient transaction processing, coupled with flexibility of the preferred form of transaction within a secure environment.
  • For banking industry: Integration of the payment platform into existing legacy systems used by the banks to provide minimal interruption of their current operations along with security and strong anti-fraud controls.
  • For Government: IexPay promises demonstrable cost-savings and improvements in cash-flow for Government-owned public utilities as well as other departments, as appropriate.
IexPay aims to become the leading online payment company in China.


The revolutionary WebCash鈩?(patent pending) enables any individual or business with an email address to quickly send and receive payments online in a secure environment. The IexPay platform is built on the existing financial infrastructure of Chinese bank accounts and credit cards to create a safe, global, real-time e-payment solution in China.

IexPay Custodian service

The IexPay鈩?custodian/intermediary service provides a secured online payment facility that reduces the risks involved in online purchases, as IexPay holds the funds temporarily in escrow on behalf of the payers until they confirm that delivery is taken. It is an innovative value-added service that provides IexPay with a differential competitive advantage over other service providers.

IexPay Features
  • Deposit: Transfer money from a bank or credit union account to a WebCash鈩?online account, by email or by telephone banking. There is no need to reveal banking or credit card information to IexPay.
  • Withdrawals: Allows the transfer of funds from an online WebCash鈩?account to any bank or credit union account in China. Funds are cleared to the destination bank account within 1-2 business days.
  • Email Cash: Allows users to send or receive cash via email. The transfers occur instantly. No financial information is revealed except the sender's email address.
  • Auction Tools: Payments for auction purchases are now simple and secure. The system provides a transaction history for future reference. The IexPay logo can be added to auction listings to highlight that purchase can be made through IexPay.
  • Foreign Exchange: A key benefit, clients can buy or sell US and Canadian funds online at very competitive rates. A Currency Calculator allows users to verify exchange rates and returns without initiating a transaction.
  • E-Commerce Business Tools: Subscribing websites can add the ability to receive cash payments electronically through their website. The service also provides electronic invoicing capabilities and the ability to issue multiple payments at simultaneously. Funds can be sent to China by Email from U.S. and Canada

Competitive Advantage

IexPay sees a huge upside opportunity in the Chinese online payment market having been given the endorsement of different levels and regional Governments coupled with the endorsement of essentially all of the major banking partners. The Jiangxi province has gone further and issued a certificate of endorsement for IexPay and is actively promoting the adoption of IexPay technology. Current online payment companies are generally targeting the consumer market as well as the B2B market through traditional consumer marketing channels. The weaknesses of this approach are high advertising and promotion costs and the long development time required to build a critical mass of customers to efficiently offer cross-bank services.

Some of the competitive advantages enjoyed by IexPay are:
  • Real third party payment platform: Backed by a multi-bank payment platform, IexPay provides all functions any third party payment system requires.
  • Secured and convenient transfers by email: No registration required. This entirely eliminates the very real constraints of requiring both parties to a transaction to obtain membership to the service. With IexPay, payers simply enter their email, and are set to go.
  • Superior privacy and confidentiality. Users are not required to disclose banking information to IexPay. Essentially, IexPay does not need to see and track a users' bank information.
  • Either payee or payor can pay IexPay fees: This meet the different needs of various different online transactions and business models.
  • IexPay's platform supports any kind of bank card or credit cards: The platform is built on current systems in place of all major Chinese banks.
  • IexPay offers the flexibility to allow users to either deposit funds to a user account or pay direct. Users can deposit money to their IexPay accounts in anticipation of future online payments, or pay/transfer money without opening an account.
  • Superior security: IexPay provides multiple levels of security including firewalls, SSL, and verifiable third party passwords.
  • High system reliability
  • No down time: operating 7/24
  • Excellent user self-defined administration panel

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