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IexPay Technology

International Express Payment System uses WebSphere Application Server technology that is a proven, high performance transaction engine to develop, run, integrate and manage dynamic business applications. It is built on an open standards-based infrastructure and utilizes the power of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and other new technologies, such as Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to support its core business processes and integrate with customer payment systems for flexible scalability and greater market responsiveness. With these new technologies, the payment system provides the capability to make payments across banks for the users who don't have an account with IexPay.

Web Application Framework
  • Java Server Faces, the latest framework that eases the development of Java based Web applications.
  • Service Data Objects, a data-centric, disconnected, XML-integrated, data access mechanism that provides a source-independent result set.

System and Data Security

IexPay uses SSL, firewall, IBM edge components, and Verisign digital security technology to ensure the user data's security. The users' password is stored in DB2 in an encryption format to protect the integrity of the passwords.

IexPay's back end is IBM DB2 Server. The DB2's HADR feature and its high performance ensure the system is running efficiently and safely.

Scalable and highly available SOA runtime

The advanced platform assures that applications and data are safe, and can essentially ensure near perfect continuous uptime for mission-critical applications.
  • J2EE 1.4, which makes it easier to develop and deploy applications using industry standard tools
  • Web Services Security, with broad support for Web services security specifications and architectural support for plugging in and extending the capabilities of security tokens
  • High Availability Manager, which provides better scaling so more concurrent users can access an application. This can help reduce administrative and licensing costs for companies and provides better flexibility to quickly bring additional user resources on board.
  • A unified clustering framework that brings workload balancing, dependability, and other benefits to the application servers in our system.

Account Security

The IexPay's user accounts are managed by a partner bank of IexPay. After a user account is opened, the account is managed by a partner bank so that the user's funds can be protected in a secure, controlled environment.

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